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19927_MC6 MY24 new charging port

HQV MC6 MY24 with the new charging port

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Never one to rest in the pursuit of perfection, Husqvarna E-Bicycles has added improved updates to our Mountain Cross range for model year 2024. Thanks to much-valued feedback from our loyal customers and dedicated dealer network, the new line-up of Mountain Cross eMTBs will make your rides better and ultimately more enjoyable.

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Intuitive ride experience remains central to Mountain Cross

Launched early in 2023, the Mountain Cross immediately grabbed headlines for its unique and eye-catching design. Re-designed from the ground up, it’s our vision of All-Mountain eMTB riding. The MC6, MC5 and MC4 feature a uniquely formed, full-carbon frame that offers an incredibly intuitive and balanced riding experience for both descending and climbing.

 Engineered to bring out the best in you, the frame design with upstanding motor position and vent intakes promotes cooling around the battery and motor. By quickly dissipating heat, it in turn increases efficiency and performance. This becomes all the more effective when you're pushing hard on steep climbs at low speed with little airflow to cool.

New charging port design built on customer feedback

Built on highly-valued feedback, the 150mm travel, carbon-frame Mountain Cross fleet receives a new charging port location to make those all-important charges of the Core S3+ 720Wh battery all the more seamless. Now located in the central downtube beam of the frame, access to the charging port is much easier and hassle free.

The MC6, MC5 and MC4 now feature the new Shimano EP801 motor. Lightweight and more intelligent over its EP8 predecessor, the system offers controllable, high-performance power to provide a natural ride feel on the trails. Whether tackling loose gravel or steep mountain ranges, the 85Nm drive unit rapidly and seamlessly self-adjusts so you can fully focus on the trail ahead.

MC3, MC2 and MC1 powered by Shimano EP6

For those who prefer the ride feel of an aluminium frame and chassis, the MC3, MC2 and MC1 is their go-to All-Mountain eMTB. These models share the same intuitive geometry benefits of its carbon-frame siblings. It also has 150mm suspension travel and mixed wheel sizes. For MY24, the new Shimano EP6 motor comes as standard to deliver an impressive mix of control, torque, and comfort on every trail. Paired with the Core S1+ 630Wh battery, it’s time to get out and ride!

About Husqvarna E-Bicycles

Husqvarna sets innovation as its foundation by introducing new possibilities and experiences. In line with the brand’s motivation to advance the segment towards becoming a future-forward bike company, Husqvarna is strengthening its portfolio with unique new models across the Urban / Allroad / Offroad segments, while expanding its reach to new promising markets across the globe.

Looking ahead, the future is bright for Husqvarna. With many new and innovative models reaching the markets in 2024 and the brand making a bold move onto non-E bicycles, Husqvarna remains committed to its key vision to normalize the highest expectations of alternate mobility while preparing the ground for updates to broaden its product portfolio in the near future.

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Andreas Gklavas

Andreas Gklavas
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